Islanders wake up to a chilly surprise

By Justin Garnhum

Oct. 19, 2015

Frank Beaton woke up for work the morning of Oct. 19 and didn’t expect to be greeted by snow.

“When I looked out the window I couldn’t believe it.”

Beaton didn’t think he would see snow until at least November. He wasn’t alone.

It took many by surprise when they looked out the window and walked out of their houses. Cars, lawns, rooftops all covered by a thin blanket of snow.

Adam Henneberry was caught off guard when he saw the snow.

“It’s a shock to see this early, but it is getting colder and colder so we just have to accept that it’s coming”

A cold front left some regions covered in snow and others with thunderstorms.

In Saint John, NB, the Holland Hurricanes football team had just arrived at the field to play their final home game of the regular season when a severe thunderstorm accompanied by hail and heavy rains delayed the action.

Scott Leeman wasn’t impressed after traveling all afternoon and having to wait to knock some heads with their opponents.

“We were checking the forecast before we got there and it was calling for some snow.

“When the thunder cracked, it caught us off guard. We knew we would be waiting a while to get out there (on the field).”

The temperatures change across the Island has helped bring back memories from last winter.

“It was a mess, especially later in the winter when we got hit with all of it at once,” said Beaton.

P.E.I. was hit with over 550cm of snow last winter, a new record for snowfall in the province.