UPEI student union launches new matchmaker for volunteering

By Justin Garnhum

Oct. 13, 2015

You may not find your soul mate, but you may fall in love with volunteering with UPEI Student Unions new volunteer match making service.

The program is designed like a matchmaking survey, but for volunteer work.

Students are given a form to fill out according to their interests, if they get a match with one of the partnering organizations, they will receive an email.

Nathan Hood, the student union’s vice president of student life, said one of the largest issues that prevent students, both from P.E.I. and away, from volunteering is a lack of information or familiarity with the community and it’s organizations.

The volunteer list was developed as a solution to this issue, said Hood.

“I expect it to increase student volunteering in the community because it makes information about

Rio Guglielmelli is a student and Residence Life Advisor at UPEI. She couldn’t believe a matchmaking program for volunteering was being set-up.

“I think most students want to volunteer and get out there and make connections.

“This program provides the missing link between students and the community.”

The new program will be helpful towards students and the organizations in the community, she said.

“This program makes it easy for people to find volunteering opportunities within the community of Charlottetown and surrounding areas.

“Not only does this program provide easy accessibility to multitudes of volunteering positions, but the program narrows down the opportunities specific to your interests and availability.”

The student union talked with students to help shape the development and content of the program.

“One of the recurring themes from these consultations was volunteering, students wanted to participate in more volunteer opportunities.”

The program was launched one week ago. Hood is excited by the results so far.

“I would estimate student registration to be around 80-90 people. So far, we’ve had over 70 students match with an opportunity, which is great.”

The program is working with a variety of organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Canadian Red Cross.

“We always welcome organizations to sign up when they have a new volunteer opportunity available,” said Hood.