Cross-country team working towards home event

By Madison Blanchard

Oct. 7, 2015

Madison Dayton loves to run. It has been a way of life for the member of Holland College’s cross-country team.

“When I was younger I was always running around the playground and I just kind of kept going.”

Dayton started running cross-country when she was in Grade 3 and she continued with both cross-country and track throughout high school.

“I always had fun, it was never like a chore for me to train.”

Part of the reason she chose to come to Holland College was there is a running group.

Dayton ran track for two years before joining cross-country this year. She placed third in a recent meet in Moncton and, although she admits to having nerves at the beginning

of every race, she enjoys it.

“I like the thrill throughout the race.”

Teammate Timothy Linden doesn’t get the thrill at all. His favorite part of racing?

“Finishing. That’s the best feeling,”

It can be very competitive and confusing and he is always happy to be done, he said.

Linden is from the Bahamas and he heard about the school from a friend was originally not

thinking about running.

“I heard about cross-country team because I wasn’t sure about basketball and the coaches were saying I was too small.”

He ran a marathon in the Bahamas and placed second in his first race ever.

“Then I thought, I’m kind of good at this so I should stick with it.”

The team is very supportive of one another and pushes each other to do better, he said.

Coach Tathnee O’Meara agrees.

“From the beginning, they’ve come together as a team.”

This is O’Meara’s first year coaching at the college level. She coached for four years at the high

school level and she is impressed with the level of commitment she has seen so far from her


“Kids in high school do it because they can. There’s some that are really into it, but here if they

choose to train, they really want to train and dedicate themselves.”

At the meet in Moncton on Oct. 3, the mens’ team placed second overall and Dayton placed third in the race on the womens’ side.

“Everyone’s improving and getting their best times,”said O’Meara

The cross country team’s next meet is Oct. 17th at Brookvale Provincial Ski Park and the finals will also take place at Brookvale on Oct. 24th.