Work scheduled to begin to improve local cemetery

By Jeremy Fraser
Sept. 28, 2015
Russell William visits the Union Grove Cemetery every Sunday to see the gravesite where his parents are buried.
“It’s something I do after church each week. Although your parents are not here, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit them.”
A section of the grave yard will get a major upgrade in the coming weeks.
The Union Grove Cemetery committee hired a local company, MJM Landscaping, to straighten markers which have settled over the years. Gravesites that have settled will be leveled and made to look as they should. Once work is completed, grass seed will be planted.
The section being upgraded is on the right side as visitors enter the grounds off Catherine Street in Scotchtown. The section is bordered by the first lane on the right and a chainlink fence on the remaining sides.
Sam Abraham is the chairman of the Union Grove committee. The upgrades are necessary, he said.
“The reason this work is being done is because of the danger of family members walking on the extremely uneven ground, and a falling incident happening.”
The majority of money for the work was raised through the committee’s fundraising projects, said Abraham.
“Our budget is around out fundraising events. It’s because of the community that we are able to get this work done.”

The committee is looking for residents or family members to make donations, that’s ok by William.
“We all have to do our part to help. If it’s donating some money to make it happen, I’m all for it.”
The work is set to begin in a couple of weeks. Vehicle traffic into the cemetery will be limited when machinery is in use.

“Operators will be focused on the ground work and taking great care of the grave markers.” said Abraham.