Prom cancelled for graduating class at Bluefield

By Emily Walsh

Sept. 29,2015

Maddy Miller’s dream of going to her Grade 12 prom has came to a end.

BlueField High school has decided it will not host a prom for its graduating class of 2016.

Students were told it was because of a lack of attendance and people were only staying for a short time.

The school made the decision based on last year’s prom.

Miller is not impressed.

“It’s ridiculous that they would cancel prom due to last year’s problems.”

Some girls have already ordered their dress and had prom planned out, Miller said.

She’s not alone when it comes to feeling this way.

“Now they are let down and disappointed.”

Miller’s mom, Claire, says it is unfair to punish their children because of something they had no control over.

“The Grade 12s this year shouldn’t be punished. They should be trusted like every other group of Grade 12s to have a good time at prom.”

According to that logic, if one school cancels prom, no school should have prom, she said.

“It’s not fair to the Bluefield graduates to have prom take away while others don’t.”

Heather Maclean said she couldn’t imagine what she would have done if this had happened when she graduated in 2013.

“It’s something that every girl works towards her senior year, getting dressed up in a beautiful dress.”

If the school doesn’t host prom, they should replace it with another event to reward the seniors, she said.

“They worked 12 years to get to the end of high school .They should be rewarded for all the years in school.”