Blood Services workers worried about hours

By Jerry Laird

Sept. 16, 2015

Leanne Voutour spent a recent September afternoon walking a picket line with her co-workers at the Canadian Blood Services office in Charlottetown.

They are not looking for a raise in pay or any additional hours, but they are asking for a commitment to the hours they are scheduled to work, the workers say.

Two Canadian Blood Services workers in P.E.I. will be laid off in February, so others fear they could be next and they had no choice but to strike.

Three workers are scheduled for 60 hours bi-weekly, two others for 44 and a sixth at 37.5, Voutour said.

“ Thirty seven point five hours is the minimum required to receive the benefit package,” said Voutour, who has been with the service for more than seven years,

There is plenty of work and they are having trouble keeping workers hours under 75 every two weeks, after that they get overtime, she said.

Tanya Herrell has been with the agency for 15 years.

“They like to keep us under that,” she said.

Sheila McKillop has been with the service for 15 years and, like Voutour and Herrell, she is scheduled for 30 hours per week.

“We depend on the pay to support our families and the uncertainty of hours can be very stressful, we just want a guarantee of hours.”

A representative of Canadian Blood Services Charlottetown could not be reached for comment.