Runners raising money in honour of friend’s dream

By Jeremy Fraser
Sept, 21, 2015

Kyle Cormier came up with the idea for a campaign in memory of his friend last summer.
It came to him when he heard the phrase “make a difference” during the Connor Timmons Memorial Soccer Tournament.
Timmons died in a car accident in 2009, but he left behind a legacy, said Cormier.
“He really wanted to go over to a Third-World country and volunteer.”
The soccer tournament has been able to support volunteer trips to countries such as Ghana, India, Tanzania and Haiti.
Connor’s family and friends plan to participate in the annual Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon next year in Halifax. Fourteen of the 24 runners participating will have connections to New Waterford, said Cormier.
The group will run the marathon to raise money for the soccer tournament. Money raised will be used to help send volunteer workers to improverished countries, fulfilling Connor’s dream.
“Everyone who will run knew Connor, which makes it that much more special. We are going into the race just to run, there is no pressure on anybody.
The idea was embraced by the family and friends of Timmons, said Stephanie Ferguson, his sister.
“Connor lived his life in a way that made a difference. He chose to live positively and generously and this had an impact on everyone who knew him. Our team slogan is a perfect fit for what we are striving for.”
The campaign mirrors what mattered most to Timmons, she said.
“We are very grateful to Kyle for creating such a great event that honours our awesome brother and friend in a very fitting way.

“It’s a great cause, and a great tournament, thanks to the dedication of many generous people.”
The team’s original goal was to raise $2,000 for the campaign. The goal was reached and the team is now looking to raise $2,500.
The group will release more information at a later date about how residents can donate.