Mulcair offers hope for new childcare plan

By Sydney Clay

Sept. 25, 2015

J’nan Brown and her husband Kirk Brown have been supporters of the NDP since the 1980s when she ran for the NDP.

With the federal election on Oct. 19, they hope to see change, not for themselves, but for the younger generations, she said.

“It’ll be more important for younger generations than ours. What will be left for them.”

People who work 40-hour weeks at minimum wage, or who work part time at minimum wage, have problems making enough to live, Kirk said.

“People need to be able to live. We need to adopt to a representable society, and families need to have a say.”

NDP leader Tom Mulcair says he will fix the problem.

He is calling for a childcare program costing a maximum of $15 a day. And he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15. He talked about both in Charlottetown on Sept. 21.

“Talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends, tell them that a $15 an hour minimum wage is one election away. Tell them that quality $15 a day child care is one election away,” he said.

The daycare plan will take up to eight years to implement, he said.

“It starts with year one and $300 million, year 2 is $600 million and it will ramp up after the first mandate to $2.5 billion, and after eight years it’s fully in place.”

The program will involve an estimated one million $15-a-day daycares across Canada after eight years, he said.

“This is how you bring in a program. You can’t start by spending the whole amount right away, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Canadians are tired of the old politics and this election the NDP doesn’t want to add any more debt to the Canadian people, Mulcair said.

“As of debt, Stephen Harper already left enough of an ecological debt. We don’t need the economic debt on top of it.”

The $15-a-day daycare would help young families, said J’nan.

“Subsidizing day care services will help for the future generations of families.”