Deflategate and Brady’s reputation? Depends on who you ask

By Ian Beauchesne

Sept. 21, 2015

Scott Leeman can’t stand the city of Boston. Never mind the New England Patriots, or its golden boy Tom Brady.

Leeman is an avid NFL fan and diehard Cowboy follower. He hates everything about the quarterback and can’t stand seeing him win, never mind being on the field right now.

Brady was accussed of being involved in a playoff game plot to partially deflate footballs making them easier to handle. The NFL tried to suspend him for four games. A judge said that was unfair.

Leeman doesn’t buy it.

“He cheated. Whether he did directly himself, told someone to do it, or had a general awareness of the situation, he still cheated, that means a punishment. Apparently, he is an exception to the rules.”

Through Brady’s first two games this season the four-time Super Bowl champion hasn’t missed a beat, with 754 yards and seven TD passes.

Don Desserud is a professor of political science at UPEI. This whole controversy could be a bad thing for Brady, he said.

“The whole deflategate scandal, if that’s what you want to call it, could ruin his label. I mean that’s the reason why he won the decision in court.”

Justin Tylus is a resident of Methuen, Mass.

No matter what people may think of Brady after this, you still can’t take away what he does on the field.

“Brady is one of the leagues most successful players that has ever taken the field. He goes out there every week and gives every last bit he physically can to lead his team.”