Charlottetown woman turns despair into magic by knitting kittens

By Jerry Laird

Sept. 23, 2015

Cindy Burton is a single mother of two living on a fixed income. With bills piling up, she had to do something. She did. She started knitting.

“There wasn’t enough money to make ends meet.“

She was volunteering at the Charlottetown soup kitchen when a friend gave her a bag of yarn.

“They were ends of rolls, waste really. “

Burton’s daughter, Sasha, is involved with the Green party and is an environmentalist. Burton’s wanted to show Sasha she could make money without leaving a carbon footprint.

“Escape from poverty 101.”

It took time, but Burton came up with the idea to make stuffed kittens out of the yarn and sell them.

Burton also wrote a story about the kittens’ home, a magic island far out in the ocean.

“You will never see it cause it’s invisible,” she added.

Each kitten has a tag with its name, a bit of its history and a description of the cat’s personality.

The latest addition to the story is the kittens use magic wands, which Burton fashioned from her collection of left-over chopsticks.

“ The wands don’t make things disappear, but you can bring magic to your world.”

Linda McClanahan from Cincinnati, Ohio picked out one of Burton’s kittens while ashore during a short stay from a visiting cruise ship.

“This one is shy, just like my cat at home. I think they will get along fine.”

McClanahan bought two of the yarn kittens, which sell for $30 each..

“It’s a great gift and we are supporting the local economy.”

Barb Davis from Cincinnati said there is a something similar in the United States called a dammit doll.

“When you’re sewing and make a mistake, you smash the doll against the table and yell dammit.”

Davis also bought two kittens.

Burton said people have lost touch with the simple things in life -“ the magic”- and she hopes her kittens will slow people down enough to enjoy life more.