Low Point Lighthouse enters funding and awareness competition

By Jeremy Fraser
Sept. 16, 2015

Pauline MacDougall has lived in the New Victoria community all her life. For her, the most memorable part of living in the community is visiting the local lighthouse.

The Low Point Lighthouse is more than just historic grounds for the community, she said.
“As a kid, I would go to the lighthouse with my grandfather. It isn’t just a lighthouse, it’s a place where memories have been made by many in New Victoria.”

A local group has added the lighthouse to a crowd-funding and awareness campaign in hopes of raising money for the historic property.

The Low Point Lighthouse Society joined the initiative Sept. 11. This Lighthouse Matters was launched by the National Trust for Canada and the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Debbie Lee Pearson is the director of the Low Point Lighthouse Society. The lighthouse is important to the community, she said.

“After losing our church and elementary school, we have to fight to keep the lighthouse.”

The Low Point Lighthouse, known to some as the New Victoria Lighthouse, is off Browns Road Extension in New Victoria.

The lighthouse, which began operation in 1832, is easy to reach. The grounds are a popular place for wedding party pictures.

John Forley lives in Sydney Mines, across the harbour from the lighthouse. The lighthouse can be saved, he said.

“I know how much the lighthouse means to the community, and I know residents will support the cause.”

This Lighthouse Matters competition is split into three groups. The lighthouse is in the top category, the high-tide division. It will feature seven other lighthouses in Nova Scotia competing for the top prize of $75,000, based on online voting.

Two other prizes will be given out. Second prize is $50,000, while third prize is $25,000. In order for the Low Point Lighthouse to win, residents must vote for the lighthouse.

The prize money would do wonders for the lighthouse, said Pearson.

“It would allow us to begin consideration for environmental remediation. The structure needs minor repairs and paint, as well as fencing at some point in the future to prevent vandalism.”

Competition voting ends Oct. 1.