Weather proving difficult for collegiate sports teams

By James Ferguson
Feb. 26, 2015

Andrew Hickey, coach of the Holland College Hurricanes says it’s been difficult lately to make a schedule for practices after so many closings at the college.
P.E.I. has been hit hard by snow in recent days, causing Holland College to either end days early for students or close completely because the snow was too much.
To make up days from the constant storms will take a while to turns things back to normal, Hickey said.
“For students who are in the sports teams and rely on the practices for exercise, it might stir up some frustration but as a coach, I will work to find a better way to solve this.”
On Feb. 25, the college closed at 1 p.m. because a really bad storm was coming. It was disappointing to some students because they didn’t experience the worst of it until the evening.
Jeff Hillier, receiver for the Holland Hurricane’s football team, said the team is taking a toll from not having a proper meet-up in weeks.
“The storms have been extreme for P.E.I. and to get the team together might be a problem but it has to happen. It’s not just about sports. It’s a way to be social and being stuck is annoying. Hopefully everything will be cleared up and we can finally get together again.”