‘We share the power of education’

By James Ferguson
Feb. 23, 2015

Brian Francis says this year is filled with the hope that the First Nations will forge a great relationship with the Liberal party and its new leader, Premier Wade MacLauchlan.
The chief of the Abegweit First Nations made sure the troubles for the First Nations were addressed. He said, during the Liberal Convention at the Delta on Feb. 21 no one recognizes that Canada lives in difficult times more than the First Nations
MacLauchlan took over the leadership and the party from Robert Ghiz during the convention Feb. 21.
“We share the power of education and I witnessed Wade’s vision of the use of education and the power of the population with his determination. Yes there are challenges but I trust Wade to get the job done. He has optimism and he has hopes for a better future.”
The convention lasted a little over 90 minutes and it featured president of the Liberal party of P.E.I., Ewan Clark, Robert Ghiz, former premier of New Brunswick, Frank McKenna, and Lawrence MacAulay speaking about how much they are behind MacLauchlan and his premiership.
It’s wonderful to see a room full of Liberals, especially when they’re here to see MacLauchlan, MacAulay said.
“We are so fortunate to have a public figure like Wade for us to trust. He wants to make sure P.E.I. is the best place to live and he wants the Island to succeed.
“We deserve to have a say in the government and Wade is the one to help with providing our voices to be heard.”