‘Small cup of coffee….Giant gesture of kindness’

By James Ferguson
Feb. 19, 2015

Campbell Webster pours a free cup of hot coffee for a tired city worker at his coffee shop in downtown Charlottetown.
As manager for Timothy’s Coffee, Campbell has seen how much trouble the snow has been for local residents and snow removal workers.
He decided to do something to help make this winter a little more bearable.
A free cup of hot coffee should help brighten the day of any person who went through such a terrible storm, Webster said.
“The Charlottetown residents and workers have been working all week long to just dig their way out from the heavy snow fall and the workers have been put on the roads to work nonstop with little breaks in between.
“Even if it’s a small cup of coffee, it’s a giant gesture of kindness to show we appreciate the dedication.”
A snowstorm Feb. 15 – 16, rivaled White Juan, which hit Atlantic Canada in 2004 in February, with six feet of snow being dropped on the town. City workers and residents have been doing back-aching work to remove the snow with few breaks.
Jason Coady, a union worker called in to help plow snow for city neighbourhoods, said it’s unreal how much snow some of the streets got hit by.
“Some streets didn’t even get proper plowing. Many streets got plowed right on Monday but some people were stranded until Wednesday because the smaller plows couldn’t make it through the icy snow.”
Coady said he’s happy families were safe inside their houses when the storm happened.
“I can’t imagine how bad it’d be to be stranded in something like that.”