Prescription drug rate rises in among Islanders

By Emily Walsh
March 2, 2015

Monica Rooney wonders what will happen to her daughter next year when she goes to high school, where parties and drugs become more available to her.

Her daughter is in Grade 9 and already knows more about the different drugs available than she does, said Rooney.

“It’s scary to think my 16-year-old daughter knows more about drugs than me and what kids are calling them these days.”

She knows abusing prescription drugs is getting more common among between kids and young adults these days just by listening to her daughter and friends talk, Rooney said.

“The knowledge they have about drugs for kids their age is good for awareness about what can happen when you become addicted, but it’s scary your daughter knows more about it than you do at the age of 16.”

Rooney isn’t the only one to notice an increase in drugs, especially prescription drugs, on the Island.

Judge Nancy Orr has noticed a rise in the number of people, especially youth, in her courtroom being charged for abusing prescription medication.

She has noticed an increase in the past three years in her courtroom with charges related to prescription drugs, Orr said.

“Prescription drugs are horrendous,” said Orr.

The cause for people addicted to drugs is the lack of help available to people on the island, she said.
“We’re not doing enough for youth or adults addicted to drugs. We simply don’t have enough resources and we need to change this.”