NDP would launch judicial review on ‘secret, five-year e-gambling scheme’

By Chris Gregory
March 3, 2015

The NDP will launch a judicial inquiry to shed some light on province’s Internet scheme, if they win the 2015 election, says the party leader.
Mike Redmond said he would also examine any government loans and grants over the last 10 years, he made the comments at a news conference March 2 in Charlottetown.
“This is truly a shameful period in P.E.I. history. This has to stop.”
A recent Globe and Mail article outlined a plan to make P.E.I. a centre for online gambling. Redmond wants to investigate and clean up what he says was swept under the rug.
“Under both Liberal and Conservative governments, acts of government abuse, corruption, and favouritism have been harmful to our economy, to our communities and our people.”
The inquiry would find, document and deal with instances of government officials manipulating government power, he said.
“Where there are legal repercussions for individuals, appropriate processes will be pursued.”
Jacqueline Tuplin is a member of the Lennox Island First Nation group and the NDP candidate for Tyne-Valley-Linkletter, District 23.
First Nation residents were not told about the e-gambling deal that would have used First Nation’s land, she said.
“Whenever there’s major things happening within our First Nation, we are consulted. For this, I am embarrassed to say, we as a community were not consulted.”
She was shocked to find out about their involvement with the gambling scheme in an article in the Globe and Mail.
“I am appalled how Lennox Island First Nation people were not consulted in this file.”
Redmond wants to change how P.E.I. is governed. It starts with cleaning up the mess that past governments have left behind, he said.
“The NDP is the only party that will effectively deal with government corruption.”