Learning calendar won’t change at Holland College: Beaton

By James Ferguson
Feb. 19, 2015

There’s no need to add days to the learning calendar for Holland College, says Dave Beaton, the college’s director of programs.
Due to the recent storms, UPEI has opted to add four days to its learning calendars as a way to give back to any students who have missed study days or just got stuck home during the storms.
In the past, Beaton said, the college instructors have been able to do all the teaching in the given time despite storms.
There is some flexibility and if a program absolutely needs an extension, it can add more days to the calendar, he said.
“The lesson plan for the instructors might get a little more intense due to a specific amount of time missed due to the closing of school but the instructors are dedicated to the students education. They’ll make sure the students, at the end of the year, will walk across the stage and pass through their courses.
“We certainly hope the students can walk away, thinking ‘I got what I came here for’ and be happy, whether or not there was an extension added to the calendar.”
At UPEI, the added days would push back and delay the exam schedule in April for the university, making it easier for students to prepare.
Jade Myers, a university student at UPEI, said she is thrilled to be able to get back on track with studying after being stuck at home with no way to get information on the exams.
“This extension feels almost like a gift. The snowstorm was annoying and having no way to get to the university, I had no actual way to study. I’m hoping to get as much information as I can now so if there’s another storm, I’ll be prepared to study from home.”