Future Funk @ Hunters

By Justin Garnhum
March 4, 2015

Charlottetown has a new home for electronic music and Landon Harris (a.k.a Lando) is excited to get Future Funk underway at Hunter’s March 14.

“There will be great visuals and great tracks coming together to really get the crowd going,” he said.

From playing his first gig in Westisle in 2014 to opening for Pineo & Loeb, an electronic music duo from Halifax, Harris has come a long way.

“I started mixing in October of 2013 in Edmonton and when I moved back to the Island I started looking for gigs.”

Playing shows alongside other performers is “super inspiring,” said Harris.

“I gain so much inspiration from others and it allows me to better focus on my mixing.”

Future Funk will be headlined by Halifax’s Pineo & Loeb, but will feature local DJs such as Dekz, Lando, Foggyswoggle and emcee Bowen Vok, from Toronto.

Dexter Shea (a.k.a. Dekz) said fans can expect a great blend of different styles of electronic music.

“We are aiming for this ‘happy medium’ where new and older fans of the genre can enjoy themselves and dance to music and remixes that are fresh and fun without being too mainstream.”

Harris and Shea agreed the electronic music scene is starting to grow in the province, but still is on a small scale compared to other markets.

“Halifax is the hub for electronic music (EDM) in the region for sure. However, I see Charlottetown as having more potential for growth and the goal behind Future Funk is to help grow the scene here by featuring DJs from cities where the genre is already thriving such as Halifax and Montreal.”

Future Funk is taking place at Hunter’s Ale House on March 14 at 10 p.m.