Canadian military, college team up for paid internship program

By Dylan DesRoche
March 12, 2015

There is a lot more than just military exercises going on at CFB Gagetown, with the Canadian armed forces and NBCC teaming up to offer an applied internship to Canadian college graduates.
The paid, year-long internship is based out of Fredericton, it allows students a chance to learn the fundamentals of projecting planning, the development process and the importance of quality work.
Interns will then focus on developing skills, knowledge and abilities that help turn them into a well rounded team player. Students also will work on leadership and forming proper professional and ethical behaviors.
The internship is available to graduates of several programs including graphic design, video game design and animation, journalism and photography. The internship takes place at the top of the line army learning support centre, where interns use their skills to create educational programs for soliders training at the base. The program lasts for 49 weeks and when completed the intern is awarded a diploma of advanced studies. The students will also take part in an enriched, hands-on work place where they earn $15.69 an hour.
The main goal of the program is to provide work experience to new graduates, giving them the edge over other applicants when they reach the job market said Dan Daigle, a representative from CFB Gagetown.
“The goal for us is for you to step into a job ready.”
Interns will also be working with top of the line equipment and create a portfolio detailing their skills to potential employers.
“The top per-centers of our program will have a job before they leave, ” said Daigle
Daigle spoke during a presentation Thursday at Holland College in Charlottetown, he spoke along with Becci Leah Taylor, recruitment advisor at NBCC.

The internship works at a world class facility and that’s why even if you have a plan after college you should keep your options open said Taylor.
“Make sure you look at all your options… you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket,’ said Taylor.
‘It’s all about increasing your learning.”
The deadline to apply for the 25 credit, year-long program is April 17th.