“Can you do an interview? It’s Chris Rock”

By Eileen Jones
March 9, 2015

Sometimes, you have to conduct interviews on the spot. But it’s not every day that you have to do it with a major celebrity.
Megan Coady had just returned from the washroom. She got a drink of water and casually walked back to her booth.
“My producer was behind the glass, waving the phone at me, “ she said.
“Can you do an interview? “ she asked.
“I said yes.
Then she told me it was Chris Rock on the line.”
He was promoting a movie.
“I just kind of spat out a few awkward questions and had to cut the interview short because it was so bad.”
Coady went from studying Journalism at Holland College to working in radio almost overnight. Recently she visited her former school to discuss her burgeoning career with students in the first-year journalism class.
Currently, she sits in Toronto’s FLOW 93.5’s midday announcer chair, and her bubbly, outgoing personality seems to fit the hip hop station very well.
Coady started off as one of the first summer interns hired by Charlottetown’s Hot 105.5 radio station, focusing on events and promotion across the Island. Following her summer, she was meant to return to UPEI to continue her studies, but received a job offer from Hot 105.5 to host the morning show.
Ironically, the class was supposed to be taught by her journalism professor, Rick Maclean, also present during the meeting.
He jokingly chides her for a moment about having dropped out.
“I didn’t drop out because I didn’t want to be there! I just happened to get a job,” she replied.
Maclean understands, though.
“Just look at her. She was born to do private radio.”
Coady had been working with Hot 105.5 for about a year when she heard of opportunity in Toronto, eventually landing her with a position at FLOW 93.5.
“What’s cool about radio is people will scout you out. I get emails and calls all the time from people asking me to audition for them. ”
As one of the first public figures for the Charlottetown Hot 105.5 station, Coady’s influence is still felt in the office.
Timothy O’Brien, the current evening and Saturday morning host, cites her as an inspiration in his career.
“She’s the reason why I’m going for a morning show position in Fredericton. If she can pick up and move to Toronto in less than a year, I can at the very least try to do the same.”
Coady leaves the class with a fitting piece of advice for journalists.
“Making contacts in journalism is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
It’s important to stay consistent. But once you’re in, you’re in.”