Three Oaks wins dodgeball double

By Chris Gregory
Feb. 18, 2015

When Three Oaks took home the men’s title at the 2015 Island Dodgeball Championships, it wasn’t a trophy being held up, it was a jersey of their missing player and honorary captain, Jesse MacFarlane.
This past summer, MacFarlane suffered serious injuries after being in a car accident. He suffered significant brain damage and is going through rehabilitation.
MacFarlane was always involved in dodgeball at Three Oaks and had been a big part of the growth of the sport, said Coltin Handrahan, CEO of the championship.
“He is a fantastic person. He was very involved in our organization, both with Stay Golden Apparel and with IDC and he really helped expand dodgeball to Summerside.”
After Three Oaks won the women’s title, the men faced Colonel Gray.
“The men’s final, the last match of it all, was by far the most intense high caliber game of dodgeball that I believe any of our team have ever seen,” he said.
In a best of three series in the finals, Colonel Gray took the first match.
In the second, it came down to one remaining Three Oaks player, Matt Barlow, who managed to take down four Colonel Gray players on his own.
Barlow made a series of hits and catches to win the second match for Three Oaks, forcing a third and final match.
Barlow made the final catch of the tournament in the third match, clinching the championship for his team.
After the win, the Three Oaks teams ran to the floor in celebration. After holding up the trophy, they held up MacFarlane’s jersey and chanted his name.
“It was a really feel good moment,” said Handrahan.
Alyssa MacKinnon, who volunteered at the event, said the final matchup made everything worthwhile.
“It was just a big sigh of relief. It felt like we made that whole day happen for a moment like that.”
The final match represented what the championship was all about and the energy in the Credit Union Place was through the roof, she said.
“Some teams were there for fun, others were there for a hit-close-to-home reason, and it was a kind of energy that made you proud just to be there.”