The best has yet to come for P.E.I. dodgeball

By Chris Gregory
Feb. 17, 2015

Dodgeball has become a powerhouse of a sport on P.E.I. thanks in due part to the Island Dodgeball Championship.
Called the IDC, it has grown in leaps and bounds and has brought dodgeball to the attention of everyone across P.E.I.
But the best is yet to come, said CEO, Coltin Handrahan.
Their focus moving forward is to continue developing dodgeball leagues within high schools and junior highs, he said.
“It’s going to be about getting out of that crazy growth pattern, and really focusing on how we can work to help schools develop their leagues.”
The schools’ intramural leagues are what decides the competitors in the IDC tournament, so the more involvement in high schools and junior highs, the more dodgeball will continue to grow, he said.
“The main leagues are played within high schools and junior highs. It makes it accessible to so many students, and that’s what the foundation of everything is.”
As the years go by, students graduate and want to continue playing dodgeball but have no means to do so. Handrahan said a college-level tournament is something that has been talked about before and it something that could be set up in the near future.
“We’ve been hounded for the past couple years to do some sort of college level or 19+ event.”
Aside from that, they are always looking to add more events and leagues to give teams the opportunity to play and develop their skills, he said.
“When we can, it would be fantastic to provide athletes with more opportunities to play against teams from other schools at a higher level.”
Matt Lawrence is a representative for the Canadian Dodgeball Association on P.E.I.
In order for dodgeball to continue on the right path, not just on P.E.I., but internationally, a universal rule set needs to be formed, he said.
“People are very unsure about what the rules are and they just play by whatever rules and agreements they were playing by in gym.”
Schools have to be more understanding and more aware of the rules when they come to different tournaments, said Lawrence.
“We need the full cooperation of certain schools, not that we don’t have it, but sometimes the communication isn’t there and some things get lost in translation.”
Since the IDC 2015 event in January, many dodgeball organizations have reached out to the group in shock of their success, including the Canadian Dodgeball Association.
On Jan. 31, regional tryouts were held in Halifax for the national team going to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2015 World Championships on Aug. 15-16.
The championships are an 18+ event, so the tryouts saw many past Island graduates return to competition. Having Island competitors can only help increase exposure and attract more eyes to P.E.I. dodgeball, said Lawrence.
“To have an Islander part of Team Canada would only further dodgeball’s drive on the Island.”