Opinions vary as court rules on suicide legal

By Emily Walsh
Feb. 9, 2015

When Dominique Chouinard heard the Supreme Court of Canada was making assisted suicide legal in Canada, she was pleased.

“I totally support assisted suicide.”

Chouinard agrees with it because she believes it is the person’s choice depending on how terminally ill they are.

Karla Chappell agrees.

“ It’s better than suffering day to day and wondering when the pain of the person illness is going to end.”

Marshall MacIssac doesn’t agree

“ I don’t think anyone should have assisted suicide.”

He was on a debate team in Grade 12 and had to debate this topic. He was on the opposing side and after he looked into the topic he disagreed with the idea.

Jocelyn Young said people shouldn’t be able to take their own lives not matter what the circumstances are.

“No one should commit suicide or decide to take their own life.”

Olivier Wagemaker has mixed feelings about Canada’s new law.

“It depends if the person that wants to needs it bad enough and is suffering more than anything than yes, but no, if they just want to end their life without not even being sick.”

Gail Palmer has mixed feelings.

“It depends on the individual and the circumstances they are facing or dealing with.”

The court said certain conditions must be met when asking a doctor to have an assisted suicide. You have to be terminally ill and suffering before a doctor can consider it.