The Trailer Park Boys – Lahey still a crowd pleaser 13 years later

John Dunsworth aka Mr. Lahey, and Patrick Roach aka Randy perform during a comedy routine at The Wave at UPEI on Feb.4. Madison Blanchard photo.
John Dunsworth aka Mr. Lahey, and Patrick Roach aka Randy perform during a comedy routine at The Wave at UPEI on Feb.4. Madison Blanchard photo.
By Madison Blanchard
Feb.9, 2015

Patrick Roach walked onto the stage wearing a shirt, something he rarely does.
“Take it off,” yelled someone from the crowd. Patrick Roach, known for his role of Randy on the Trailer Park Boys, does, after John Dunsworth, known as Mr. Lahey joined him on stage, in character.
The majority of the audience Feb.4 at the Wave, UPEI’s campus bar, was in their Twenties. They cheered and yelled their approval during the raucous and R-rated set which included Dunsworth smoking a joint on stage, doing a shot out of a young man’s belly button and hitting on men and women alike.
Dunsworth has been in the acting business since the 1970s. He bought and leased a building in Halifax turning it into a playhouse, which is still in use today.
When the Trailer Park Boys ended their initial run in 2007, Dunsworth continued to work on other things, including a semi-regular appearance on the television show
Haven, based loosely on the Stephen King story, The Colorado Kid.
Still he was excited when it came back.
“ I was working on other things at the time so I wasn’t surprised when it came back, but I was really happy.”
In addition to acting in the show, Dunsworth was director for the first time in the eighth season on the ninth episode, Righties Loosies, Lefties, Tighties.
“I didn’t enjoy it. I was doing two shows at once and the schedule of the other show kept changing. I didn’t sleep for a week. I was in a horrible mood and you should be on top of your game.”
Roach however laughed at that.
“You were on top of your game. You are an expert at what you do. You came to work more pumped and ready than anyone on the crews.”
Once, Dunsworth was on conference call with people from Haven while in costume as Lahey, Roach said and shook his head.
“I was there thinking, ‘I wish I could be John Dunsworth.’”
Contrary to how Trailer Park Boys may appear to viewers, it isn’t as easy as it looks, Dunsworth said.
“It’s hard work. It’s fun but it’s hard work.”
Dunsworth doesn’t find the network change from Showcase to Netflix has added pressure to his acting.
“What makes me step up my game is getting my hands on a juicy script and I have a lot of emotional changes or just changes in general line delivery. That’s what I like.”
Roach said Dunsworth often gives him advice on things and is extremely complimentary towards him. He saying he often gets him to look at things from a different view.
“John Dunsworth’s brain is always working….his nickname on set is Get-er-done Dunsworth.”
Dunsworth admits he likes to keep busy doing things. He pointed to his plans for the Weekend, which included installing cupboards for his daughter, Sarah, who also is on Trailer Park Boys, working on his novel and answering tons of requests for postcards. He spent over $300 on postcards in the last year alone. They are a promotional item for his book The Dicshitnary,
What Dunsworth most enjoys isn’t acting, however, it’s laying cement.
“It’s my favourite thing.”
Seasons one through eight of Trailer Park Boys are available on Netflix and season nine will be out sometime this spring.