Wayne Easters recalls Parliament Hill shooting

By Emily Walsh
Jan. 21, 2015

Oct. 22, 2014 was a normal work day for Wayne Easter and other MPs until they heard the announcement to stay in the rooms they were in and to lock the doors.
People were frightened and scared for their lives when this attack took place, especially the MPs.
“ Nobody knew what was going on for a few minutes and then all of a sudden you heard two gun shots fired in a row,” said Easter, the MP for Malpeque, P.E.I.
The shots were fired by a gunman who ran into Parliament.
Moments later he was shot and killed.
Many MPs weren’t allowed out of their rooms for hours. Some rooms had up to five people in them, Easter said.
During this time, he said they weren’t allowed out of their rooms to use the bathroom and had no outside contact with anybody to figure out what was happening.
Earlier the gunman killed Corp. Nathan Corillo. It was the second attack on three days.
“ I believe that these men weren’t part of the terrorist group, they were mentally ill and unstable,” said Easter.
He said there is no official word into whether the men of this attack were part of the terrorist group ISIS or whether they were simply mentally ill.
Mary-Jean Leclair, a registered nurse, disagrees.
Leclair said she has seen many people when doing her job who are mentally ill and wouldn’t be able to plan something like that.
“ I think they might have had something wrong, but had more motive to do this than anything.”
Easter said since the attack on Parliament Hill, which left one soldier killed, the Hill has tightened security. They now have four separate securities at the Hill and a guard standing at each door to see traffic coming toward the hill, he said.