Planning and hosting events at Holland College’s Glendenning Hall residence part of job for a residence life assistant

By Nikola Cameron
Jan. 22, 2015

Jay Dearborn’s favourite part of being a residence life assistant at Holland college’s Glendenning Hall is having the opportunity to plan and organize events.
“I love having the means to run an event and to encourage people to come out and take part in the events that are being run.”
In fact, one of the main tasks of being an RLA is to organize monthly events, said the accomodations manager for Glendenning Hall residence, Tracey Campbell.
Each RLA is given a budget of $50 for each event.
It is really important for everyone in residence to make friends and enjoy their time there, so it is important for the RLAs to feel the way she does, she said.
“They need to care about bringing people together.”
Although it is her job to try to help make that happen, the RLA events are crucial to making that possible, she said.
“I’m 44 years old I don’t technically know what 18-year-olds want and need.”
In order for an RLA to be able to plan events and bring people together, they need to have strong leadership skills, Campbell said.
“They need to be striving or close to being a leader.”
Roughly 20 applicants are interviewed each year hoping to become an RLA. Dearborn said during the interview Campbell asks them what sort of events they would plan on hosting.
Campbell said because RLAs are hosting events, they need to be somebody who is outgoing.
In Dearborn’s first year in residence, he only really got to now his teammates on his football team. But this year, as an RLA, through the events he has hosted, he has been able to meet a much wider range of people with different interests, which he loves.
“As an RLA, you get to know a much more wide range of personalities and different types of people, which is pretty interesting.”