Parties prepare strategies for upcoming elections

By Mario Ernesto Carranza
Jan. 21, 2015

The majority Conservative government has brought closure to more than 75 bills this year alone demonstrating this government “you pretty well lose all the time,” Malpeque MP Wayne Easter told journalism students at Holland College Jan. 16.
With the upcoming 2015 looming, Easter elaborated on the important issues that the Liberal Party will be focusing on not only nationally but also provincially for P.E.I.
“The Employment Insurance is a huge issue. I think it is now so broken, most of it in the last eight years with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, this is a personal point of view and I think this is where we are going as a party”
E. I. must be overhauled on how to make the system work Easter said, adding that the time for tinkering has passed and the recent changes must be rolled back.
“The seasonal industries are suffering and workers are suffering so I think initially we have to roll back those changes to better benefit the Island industries and the economy in general.”
Employment insurance on P.E.I. has changed recently with the cancellation of an extra five-week pay out for people registered under employment insurance and a quota of hours that workers have to meet in order to get the right amount of employment insurance pay back.
For Joe Byrne and the NDP party, the main issue remains to be affordable childcare for Island families.
“NDP leader Tom Mulclair has made it very clear that childcare is at the forefront on how we want to help not only families but to help generate jobs as well.”
Byrne will be running for the NDP nomination in Charlottetown.
A mother working two jobs and barely scraping money together to pay for food and heat should have some kind of security that her child or children are safe and being taken care of, said Byrne.
“E.I. is a big issue for us as well because we believe that the system is fundamentally broken and these new changes don’t benefit anyone. People matter on the Island even if its politics right now doesn’t reflect it.”
The 2015 election isß scheduled for Oct. 17, but with the PC party pushing the election might happen as early as the spring.
“We want to get out to not only Island but other Canadians that Canadian policies can be improved and Canada as a whole can be better,” said Byrne.