New year, new faces in the gym

By Chris Gregory
Jan. 22, 2015

It’s not uncommon to see a jump in gym traffic in the New Year, but it is uncommon for that traffic to stay consistent as the year goes on.
It’s almost an expectation to see new faces on the treadmill or in the weight room when the New Year rolls around.
Courtney Steele, owner and instructor at Full Throttle Fitness in Morell, says the New Year allows people to start fresh and erase any unhealthy habits they may have had.
“They see it as a new starting point. They were used to eating unhealthy, drinking a lot and other unhealthy habits.”
With the support system she provides at Full Throttle Fitness, she tries to keep clients on track for as long as possible.
“I think people crave that structure, so they want to get back into something structured such as workout programs and things like that.”
It’s also an expectation to see those faces disappear as the year progresses.
“We’re trying to prevent that here. People get the idea and they don’t stick with it. They have no support and they understand that they need that support.”
Mikaela McEachern, instructor at Full Throttle Fitness, says life can sometimes get in the way and that can discourage people from keeping at it.
“It’s hard to keep up with. People often work full-time, they have families, and they have other commitments. It can be hard for them to stay on course. So a couple months in, people can sometimes fall off the wagon.”
Though exercise is another commitment, it’s good for you to get your mind off of your other priorities.
“The thing I try and remind people, is that you have to make time for you too. Exercise for even an hour let’s you zone out of everything, you don’t have to think about work or home or anything else.”
She said it all boils down to the individual.
“They have to be determined to make that date, they have to prioritize that fitness is as important as other things in your life.”
Melinda Martell, general manager and instructor at Dynamic Fitness, said there’s definitely a noticeable rise in the New Year.
“We definitely see a rise in the number of people who sign up in January.”
The numbers do fall though in February and as the year goes on, she said.
“Typically after a big month like this, the numbers of the classes will go down, but we try and keep people motivated.”
In January, Dynamic Fitness is running a 30-day challenge. The challenge is to go to one class every day for 30 days. There are rewards halfway through and at the end of the month that keeps the participants motivated and inspired along the way.
“There are a lot of people doing this challenge and almost all of them are coming to class everyday, and that to me is amazing. It’s not easy to do a 30-day challenge and these people are committed,” said Martell.
They also host special classes to keep things fresh, give out gift bags and other goodies to reward them for working hard.
“There are little fun things that we do just to keep people interested and motivated. We get them excited about it, because sometimes that’s what they need,” she said.
“It’s really nice to see the community spirit and support, not just from the instructors and the people who work here, but from the clients to each other.”