Community forum hopes to encourage voter involvement

By Samantha Steele
Jan. 15, 2016

The trick to influencing an election is to get the public engaged, says Malpeque MP Wayne Easter.
“You need three key issues that people really identify with. Then you’re talking in a language they understand,”
He made the comment at a community forum focused on the next federal election Jan. 14 in Summerside. People there discussed what needs to be changed.
Major issues covered were the recent E.I changes, Canada Post, and income inequality.
Participants sat at three different tables and covered each issue on charts.
The main point of focus was the E.I changes.
Christina Mill said she thinks of her stepfather, who is a fisherman.
The new E.I. system works against him, she said.
“It’s hard to tell someone who has been doing one thing his whole life to go get a job at Tim Hortons.”
Public support is helpful but political support is crucial, Easter said.
“There is more hope if we can get the parties to commit.”
Lori MacKay said teamwork is needed so progress can be made.
“We have to know what sparks interest in people,”