Added routes would help bus system, passenger says

By Samantha Steele
Jan. 23, 2015

Brad Pauley waits at the bus stop downtown each morning.
The fourth year biology major at UPEI uses it to go to school every day.
“I wonder if it will be late or will it even show up, it’s a guessing game,” he said.
Normally, customers expect buses to run on time and stick to their route, but for Pauley, it’s a guessing game.
Being a loyal rider for years, he had noticed what he considers to be a lack of routes to service the greater Charlottetown Area.
“Having three separate transit routes in Charlottetown clearly isn’t enough. The No.1 going up and down the avenue should be split into two separate routes,”
People from Charlottetown are not the only ones who depend on public transit.
Rickey Dufour lives in Summerside and he goes to Holland College in Charlottetown.
He takes the County Line Express every day and it works for him, but there is one thing he’d like to change.
“It would be nice if the buses ran on the weekends, and maybe had a pickup/dropoff spots sometime during the day instead of just morning and evening,”
Pauley said there should be a noon service for people from Summerside.
“The Island transit needs to become more accommodating for students and Islanders who don’t live in either Summerside or Charlottetown,”