Target worker surprised, panicked when she read about losing job on Facebook

By Emily Walsh
Jan. 16, 2015

In 16 days, about 100 people will be out full-time and part-time jobs, when Target closes its doors to Canadian shoppers.

Target has made a final decision to close 133 stores in Canada. This decision was brought on by the company making less money than expected in Canada.

Most employees in Charlottetown’s Target were shocked when they were told there was no longer going to be a job for them with this company.

Many of the employees found out about this by social media sites or on the radio before they headed to their job, when they arrived they were told by their manager what was going to be happening to the company for the last few weeks left Target will be open to shoppers.

One of Target’s employees, Olivia Callbeck, was surprised and panicked when she read about her job coming to an end on Facebook Jan.15.

Callbeck said she didn’t see this coming from a company as big as Target.

“ It means it is going to be harder now to pay rent and such with so short notice of losing my job.”

Just like Callbeck, many of the employees are going to have a struggle to pay bills and rent from being out of work till something else comes available to them.

Ashley Jacobs was in a panic when she heard her and so many of her fellow co-workers were losing there jobs.

Jacobs is a student and depends on having a part-time job that fitted and worked around her school schedule to be able to have a source of income while continuing with her studies.

“It’s going to be tough, to try and find a job quickly before I am forced to leave this one to be able to keep up with my bills.”

Many of those employed are hoping to find jobs before they are out of work, but many will have a struggle with finding employment to support themselves and their families because of the lack of jobs available this time of year.

Molly Gallant, a shopper at Target, said she was shocked to hear about Target closing but wasn’t overly surprised.

“There is so many stores that offer the same things as Target, it just depends on where people want to shop.”

Many people will see a big difference in the Charlottetown Mall when shopping when Target closes its doors.

For the next 16 days Target employees will still have work, but for what will replace Target in the mall, nobody knows what is going to happen with the free space.