Standing ovation for Ghiz as fall session of legislature opens

By Ally Harris
Nov. 14, 2014

It’s not often you see every member of the P.E.I. government agree on something, but they did as the fall legislative session opened Nov. 13.
All MLAs joined in for a standing ovation to applaud Premier Robert Ghiz on his service to the Island over the past 12 years.
An hour before the session began, Ghiz announced he’s resigning in January or February.
He will stay on as premier until a new leader is decided at a convention in early 2015.
“It was an extreme privilege to be able to sit in this chair for a number of years,” he said in question period.
MLAs from both parties took turns thanking Ghiz for his work as premier of the province.
It was independent MLA Olive Crane who proposed the house rise to show their appreciation.
“Twelve years is a long time to serve the public,” she said.
Charlottetown-Victoria Park MLA Richard Brown said the premier has made great changes to the Island.
“P.E.I. is better today than when you first came to office.”
Opposition leader Steven Myers welcomed everyone to the new session, then turned his attention to the premier, acknowledging his work despite the fact the two have “not always seen eye to eye.”
“This session took a little bit of a turn this morning and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the premier for his years in that chair.”
Ghiz said he intends to take some time off, but did not rule out a potential future run at a federal position.
Bush Dumville, MLA for West Royalty-Springvale, said he wouldn’t be surprised if Ghiz decided to run again federally in the future.
“We haven’t seen the last of him. I’d like to wish him luck in whatever he wishes to do.”