Many shocked by Ghiz’s plan to resign

By Jazlyn MacLeod
Nov. 17, 2014

Most people were shocked when Premier Robert Ghiz announced he was resigning on Nov. 13.
Shannon Byrnes was one of them. She has known Ghiz and his wife for a long time and it’s sad to see him go, she said.
“I really like him as a person.”
Information like Ghiz planning to resign is usually buzzing before the premier himself tells it, so it came as quite a shock to her, Byrnes said.
“I have friends that work in the government and they didn’t mention anything, so it was defiantly a surprise.”
Ghiz probably has a good reason for resigning, Byrnes said.
“I think he probably has bigger and better things coming his way.”
Change might be best for the Liberal party and the Island, Byrnes said.
“It might be kind of nice to have even, NDP get more seats in there. It might be nice to have someone else take charge for a little bit.”
Greg Gairns respects Ghiz’s decision to resign.
“He feels like his ideas are running out and he needs a new face so, I respect him for doing that.”
It was a surprise it happened right now, Gairns said.
“I had a feeling that sometime it would happen in the near future, but I was surprised it happened right now.”

Ghiz has done enough during his time a primer, Gairns said.
“I think that Robert has done what he can in the seven or eight years he’s been in office.”
Cheryl Lambert was also surprised to hear about Ghiz’s resignation, but she too said it must be for good reason.
“I would suspect that Ghiz is going on to another chapter in his life.”
Ghiz has done a decent job during his time as premier and he’s moving on to something else, Lambert said.
“I would suspect that he’s just ready for another challenge and it’s time to move on.”
Ghiz’s family may be a reason for resigning, Lambert said.
“He has some young children and maybe has been interested in spending more time with his family.”
Darlene Adams also believes Ghiz resigned to spend time with his family.
“He’s got a young family and everything so, maybe there’s big and better things for him to do.”
Two months ago Adams said she had a feeling Ghiz would resign.
“I had a feeling he was going to step down, I think it’s time.”
Sarah Arsenault is one of the many who believes Ghiz resigned because he was offered something better.
“I think that he probably got offered something federal or another job.”
It was a surprise, but the reason must be more than spending time with his family, Arsenault said.
“I don’t think he just resigned for no reason.”
Ty McAdam said he doesn’t follow politics but he knew Ghiz had resigned.
“I guess it was a surprise.”
It doesn’t affect him, said McAdams.
“I don’t really care what happens.”
Not sure why Ghiz would resign, McAdam said there must be a good reason.
“He could possibly have a big or better job available to him.”