Making the most out of milk – 2015 calendar highlights 27 recipes rich in calcium and good taste

By Kaylynn Paynter
Nov. 7, 2014

Mac n’ cheese muffins, taco bake and Mayan chocolate bundt cake are just three of the 27 recipes to be found in the 2015 Milk calendar available with copies of The Guardian newspaper on Nov. 13.
Heather Trim, a food writer and recipe developer from Toronto, Ont, spent months this past year developing the recipes.
“The recipes really fit in to what people are looking for. People today don’t have a lot of time so all of the recipes are quick and simple,” she said.
September’s mac n’ cheese muffins make the perfect after school snack and the seasonal salads featured in the summer months are sure to appeal to everyone, said Trim.
“Kids can participate and get involved in the recipes, and I think that makes the meals more enjoyable for them too.”
Renée Lavallée, owner of The Canteen restaurant in Dartmouth, N.S, is a spokesperson for the calendar. This is her fourth year directly involved with it, but shes been reading it for much longer.
“Growing up in Quebec, my mother got the Milk calender every year and always made the recipes from it.”
Now with two small kids of her own, Lavallée said the calendar is great for everyone, especially families looking to bring some new, healthy meals to the dinner table.
“The recipes are delicious, simple and healthy. The calendar is family-friendly as well as student friendly. It’s great.”
Doug Thompson, the general manager at Dairy Farmers of P.E.I., said the calendar makes people aware of better ways to use a farmer’s product.
“People like the recipes. Dairy’s a pretty important part of most people’s diet. It’s nutritious, it’s a highly valued food and to be able to find new ways to use it, I think people enjoy that.”
It’s also important to recognize our dairy farmer’s for the hard working people they are, said Thompson.
“Dairy farming is a very large part of the economy in Prince Edward Island. We have about 180 dairy farms. In Canada I think it’s about 135 litres of milk is produced per person per year. In P.E.I., if you do it on a per capita basis, it’s over 600 litres per person, so it’s a very important part.”