Holland College staff and students thoughts on decorating for Christmas before Nov. 11

By Jazlyn MacLeod
Nov. 7, 2014

Mike Snook couldn’t help but notice the always decorated, festive, fake palm trees, standing by the Holland College front desk in Charlottetown.
The trees, recently covered in Halloween décor, now have white Christmas lights and poppies hanging from the branches and leaves.
Two birds with one stone, Snook said.
“Our school’s decorated for Christmas and Remembrance Day right now.”
But putting up Christmas decorations before December is pointless and crazy, Snook said.
“You have a whole month to celebrate it.”
Besides, putting decorations out before Remembrance Day is discourteous, Snook said.
“It is a little disrespectful.”
Snook isn’t the only one who thinks that way.
Jordy Corcoran understands the love people have for Christmas, but he thinks November is too soon for decorating.
“It’s way too early.”
Corcoran agrees people should save the Christmas celebrating till after Nov. 11.
“Start it in December. Get Remembrance Day over with.”
Don Glendenning said he hadn’t really given the disrespect aspect much thought.
“That’s a new thought to me.”
But decorating for Christmas shouldn’t be hurried anyways, he said.
“They can be delayed to the first of December, as far as I’m concerned.”
Having family in the military, including her brother, Emily Buell finds it upsetting when Christmas decorations are up before Nov. 11.
“I don’t agree with it.”
People should show some respect, she said.
“Wait and have some respect for the veterans before you celebrate the holidays.”
Thinking of her grandfather who went to war, Becky MacKenzie said she believes because that’s the way she was brought up.
“My parents always thought it so that’s kind of how I feel.”
It’s disrespectful, she said.
“I’m not sure how to explain it. I just think the focus should be put on the people who fought for our country.”
Brenda Banks doesn’t mind the decorations being put up, as long as they’re not turned on.
“It’s kind of nice to get them put out when it’s warm whether..”
But leave them turned off till after Nov. 11, she said.
“Just to show respect for the veterans that risked their lives for us.”