Conservatives vow they’ll be ready for provincial election, whenever it is called

By James Ferguson
Nov. 10, 2014

Peter McQuaid looked out and saw over 200 people at the North Rustico annual meeting of the Progressive Conservative party.
The party will be ready for the election, he thought.
The party president said the party will choose a leader and will be ready for the next provincial election, whenever it is held.
“No one has actually announced if they have an intention to apply for the leadership but a number of potential candidates did say they weren’t ruling it out.
“As of now, it will be up to them to announce their intentions but we have a date and we will have a new leader before the coming next election.”
The party intends to select a new leader on May 30th, well before the election expected to be on Oct. 5, but after the resignation of Robert Ghiz, the election could be sooner.
Following the departure of previous leader Olive Crane, who stepped down from the leadership and was later kicked out of caucus, the party chose a temporary leader.
The arrival of Steven Myers helped the party gain its footing after being named the temporary leader, said McQuaid.
He is not running for the leadership, but the party is building its foundation, he said.
“I think the party is getting their act together after Crane got kicked out of caucus.
“Our party has shown real improvements. Of course, our act hasn’t always been together, but the past is behind us and we’re not planning on making the same mistakes again anytime soon.”
Don Desserud is a UPEI professor of political science. The party needs to focus as the election nears. If they don’t keep their heads up, it’s very possible they’ll miss the deadline, he said.
“Peter [McQuaid] seems to have positive energy in his grasp, but he needs the voters to have that energy to. If they don’t believe and don’t want to follow, the Tories’ plan to win the election will become a blur.”