City council discusses plans for Invesco expansion

By Kayla Fraser
Oct. 15, 2014

Charlottetown city councilor Rob Lantz worries a multimillion dollar building expansion downtown may cause traffic problems.
Invesco is renovating a building on University Avenue and Euston Street and it will have an underground parking garage. The garage doors are expected to open up onto University Avenue, near the intersection.
That’s a concern, said Lantz, who is working with the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation on the plans.
“I’m trying to have a discussion with them and make suggestions on how to improve the design plans,” he said at Charlottetown city council Oct. 14.
Invesco, an independent global investment management firm, announced Oct. 10 an $8 million expansion of its building.
The development corporation is supervising the plans for the 21,000-foot expansion.
Lantz’s ideas include such a wider sidewalk outside, big enough to plant trees, similar to the sidewalk in the front of the Jean Canfield Building.
“I’m trying to get the best final product I can for downtown Charlottetown. They’re just discussions, they’re just suggestions. The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation has a budget they have to work within.”
Councillor Mitch Tweel said the expansion is a great opportunity for the city.
“This could be the catalyst in helping rejuvenate University Avenue.”
But council needs to take time to discuss the designs of the building, Tweel said.
“Let’s not underestimate just how important this is to the city of Charlottetown, in terms of jobs and what the potential is it for growth.”
The design and the appearance are important to talk about, he said.
Lantz also wants the expansion to look its best once it’s complete.
“It’s my expectation that we should pull ourselves to a higher standard as developers and lead by example. It’s a key intersection in the city that we would like to treat in the best possible way.”