Christmas music should not be played before Nov. 11, say shoppers

By Ally Harris
Nov. 13, 2014

Shoppers have different opinions on when Christmas music should begin playing in stores, but they all agree on one thing: it should be after Remembrance Day.
Playing Christmas music before then would take away from the meaning of Remembrance Day, Cassandra Clark said.
“(It should start) definitely after Remembrance Day. The end of November would be OK. It’s disrespectful for Remembrance Day.”
Phyllis Clark agrees there should be no sign of Christmas before then.
“You hear it often enough and I just prefer to wait.”
Greta Pippy said if there is to be a set date when stores can play the music, it should be after Remembrance Day, but she doesn’t mind hearing it before then.
“I think that’s probably the way it should be but I like it any time.”
This seems to be the rule the Charlottetown Mall has followed. On Nov. 12, the mall was transformed into a Christmas wonderland, with jolly tunes blaring, wreaths hanging from the ceiling, and a Santa’s grotto set up outside Target.
For some shoppers, even Nov. 12 is too early.
Madelyn MacNeill said it’s OK as long as it’s after Nov. 11, but it really should wait until the end of November, if not the beginning of December.
“It doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s not December.”
Reg Peters agreed stores should wait until the holiday is less than a month away.
“(Music shouldn’t be played until) the first of December, because Christmas is in December.”
Brenda MacDonald said getting into the Christmas spirit too early can ruin it.
“It just seems like December is early enough for Christmas.”
But Christmas music isn’t the only problem. Clark said Christmas decorations also hit stores too early these days.
“Even to put stuff out on the shelf, they shouldn’t have it out when they have Halloween stuff out. It’s stupid. Who wants Halloween and Christmas stuff at the same time?”