Canadian Blood Services recruiting at Holland College

By Kayla Fraser
Nov. 5, 2014

Myrna Sanderson looked around the Holland College cafeteria.
“Half the kids here probably don’t know we have blood services in Charlottetown. It’s just something you don’t pay attention to.”
It’s all about the exposure, she said.
Representatives from Canadian Blood Services were at Holland College on Nov. 4 for a What’s Your Type? session.
The idea was to test people and to tell them their blood type, said Lisa Rusk, the territory manager for Canadian Blood Services on P.E.I.
“It’s a recruitment activity where we can tell people how they fit into the blood system, who they can help if they decided to become a donor.”
The aim is to recruit new donors and let them know how important they are. Canadian Blood Services needs new donors urgently, she said.
“Activities like this help us get the word out, and let people know that people are waiting for your blood type and it’s important you come in if you can.”
Recruiting is a big thing and letting students know their blood type helps, said Sanderson, a volunteer at Canadian Blood Services.
“It’s really important to know what your blood type is. It’s a recruitment tool for us and good for you to know.”
If it’s personal, more people are willing to donate, she said.
“I would say 90 per cent of people come to donate because somebody they know needed it. And we ask why they never came before they say nobody asked me. So we’re here asking people to come.”
Karla Chappell works in the Holland College bookstore. She arrived to have her blood tested to find out her type. It’s a good way to bring the need to give blood to people’s attentions, she said.
“It will raise awareness for people to understand that there are people out there who need blood donors.”
She donated blood years ago and would do it again.
“I would plan on donating for sure. It’s for a good cause.”