UNB victim of ISIS-inspired hacking

By James Ferguson
Oct. 14, 2014

The battle against terrorism in the Middle East just got real for the University of New Brunswick.
It is discussing what to do after its student union website was hacked by ISIS supporters Oct. 13.
The website was defaced by Islamic passages and threats to America and other “followers” who oppose ISIS.
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has earned headlines for its brutality towards women and beheading hostages, then posting videos of the executions on the Internet.
At the bottom of the hacked UNB page a sentence said, “I love you, ISIS.”
Greg Bailey is the UNB student union president. The union contacted the police as soon as the union heard of the hacking, he said.
“It’s no threat to anyone on campus because it’s just an act of vandalism. It would be no different if they came and spray-painted the office. The supporters messed up our site, but we will get it cleaned in a couple of hours.”
He will change all the passwords and check with police to see who would be able to get into the website, he said.
Violence in Iraq has killed more than 5,000 people over the first six months of 2014, according to a report by the United Nations. Followers of ISIS see the death and destruction as a rise of hope for a new world.
UNB student Andrew Charter is concerned with the amount of tension caused by ISIS.
It is getting exactly what it wants. fear, Charter said.
“The world needs to stop getting worried of ISIS because the members and supporters are getting power from those who are afraid. The world will deal with the likes of this terrorist group, just like the world dealt with Osama [Bin Laden].”
UNB wasn’t the only site hacked.
The Saint John-based firm ICS and the Saint John Arts Centre were also hacked.