New coach welcomed by Caps

By Stephanie Drummond
Oct. 29, 2014

Billy McGuigan is home.
The Summerside resident signed on as the head coach for the Summerside Western Capital on Oct. 22.
“I was presented with an opportunity. I live in the area and I was looking for something. I went back,” he said.
The team fired its coach Oct. 22 and put out the call for a new coach.
It was a fast track for McGuigan.
“I signed the contract Thursday at 2 p.m. and we had our first practice that evening. Then three games in three nights.”
The Caps lost the first two nights, but pulled together against the Campbellton Tigers on Oct. 23 and won the game 4-3 in the third period.
The Caps have won five of nine games so far , so there’s work to do McGuigan said.
“We will be tweaking everything.”
He was part of the team during the 2012 season and helped the team get to the RBC Cup, where they were the champions.
“Every year you want to win. That’s the long-term goal. We are just taking it game by game” he said.
McGuigan wasn’t there to pick the players, but he’s happy with what he’s got.
“There a good group of guys.”
Campbell Gallant, was traded to the team Oct. 20.
“He’s great (McGuigan), he fires the boys up before the games,” he said.
Player Thomas Stavert was on the team for the 2012 year is happy with the new coach.
“I’m familiar with him. He’s got a good system. We’re not making it too complicated right now. He’s comfortable with the team and it’s a better team.”
General manager Pat McIver shares the players’ enthusiasm.
“It’s been a busy weekend. He came on Thursday and it’s going good.”
McIver hopes the team will get back to the cup.
“You always hope to get back. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”