Students are saving more with their Holl Pass

By Laura Hines
Oct. 23, 2014

Josh Dominie loves to save money.
And his Holl Pass helps, said the Holland College student.
Dominie likes to use his pass to get a discount on a game of pool at Doolys in Charlottetown and to buy his groceries, he said.
“I normally use my Holl Pass twice a week for the discounts.”
He uses his pass mainly to save on groceries because 10 per cent is a savings that adds up.
“I think a lot of people check their emails to keep updated on the discounts, and a lot of people I know use the discount at grocery stores.”
Additional stores and services offering discounts for students can be found on the Holland College website, as well as emails are regularly sent out.
Additional businesses are being added to the list this year.
Gojis, a frozen yogurt bar, is approaching its one year since its grand opening. This year, students can save 10 per cent every Tuesday by presenting their pass at the cash register.
Manager Nadine Jennings said recently they have been accepting passes for the last four Tuesdays.
“We sell yogurt and smoothies, with our biggest thing being our yogurt.”
The discount night is very popular, and more students from Holland College are taking advantage of the discount than students from the University of Prince Edward Island.
“We sell yogurt and smoothies, our biggest selling is the yogurt. It’s all very healthy and we offer a lot of fresh toppings.”