Small Business Week offers many opportunities to Island businesses

By Melissa Heald
Oct. 22, 2014

Nicole Mead finds running her own small business fulfilling, but demanding.
It all has been a learning process, said the 26-year-old about owning and operating her own waxing studio in Charlottetown.
She has known since school she always had a talent for waxing, said Mead, an esthetician by trade. She also felt no one on P.E.I. was doing anything near the level of work she felt she could do when it came to waxing.
“It was a lot of hairdressers that were doing it and no specialty studios.”
In 2011 she opened Wax It at Kirkwood Meows on University Avenue.
Running her own business fills her heart with joy, especially since she gets to work with people, said Mead.
But the one thing she has learned since starting her business is learning how to hire the right people.
She ran the business on her own during the first four years, working around the clock seven days a week. It started to affect her health.
That changed when she began hiring the right, qualified personnel who could help her, she said.
Mead, along with a list of local business people, will be at the upcoming Biz 2 Biz expo in Charlottetown on Oct. 22. The event is part of Small Business Week happening across the Island from Oct. 20 – 24.
Along with the expo, small business owners can attend workshops, luncheons and mixers.
Small business is the driver of the economic engine on P.E.I and the heartbeat of our communties, said Kathy Hambly, the executive director of the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce.
Small Business Week is a good way to recognize those contributions and a way to give back to small business by providing professional development and opportunities for them to grow their business, said Hambly.
“I think Small Business Week does allow many of these business people a chance to get out, whether it’s for a half day or lunch or breakfast to actually get professional development and networking opportunities.”
The timing of the week seems to be good fit for a lot of small businesses too, said Hambly.
It’s the end of the year for many tourism operators and for retailors it’s just before the Christmas rush, making it an ideal time for businesses, she said.
For Mead, having a small business on P.E.I. is great.
“P.E.I. is a beautiful place to have a small business because people talk. If you have a good idea, a good product, you’re going to have great clients.”