He couldn’t walk, until he took his first steps, 25 feet off the ground

By Melora McInnis
Oct. 24, 2014

Roxanne Carter-Thompson will never forget the day she helped a man take his first steps ever – 25 feet in the air.
“He never walked before,” said Carter-Thompson, executive director at the Adventure group. “He was able to get braces from the hospital that allowed his legs to be stationary.”
He was escorted to the site in Charlottetown by social workers, with help from Carter-Thompson and her employees.
“I helped him get up the tree and he was able to walk for the first time, 25 feet in the air,” said Carter-Thompson who, in her 21 years in the business, had never seen anything like it.
They stood there in tears, watching the man.
“There wasn’t a dry eye in the place and he looked at us and said, ’I have never walked.’”
The Adventure Group is also known as R.O.P.E.S. for a Rite of Passage Experience. It’s where groups work as a team to overcome obstacles such as walking on high wires and balancing on low wires.
It’s team building, Carter-Thompson said.
Amy Mol of the P.E.I. Canada Games ringette team participated in an Adventure Group event.
She felt confident starting the course, but she was overcome with fear on the high wire.
“When I looked down at the ground I was scared, but then I saw my team was there supporting me. My team was a big help in overcoming my nerves.”
Although Mol thought her team couldn’t be any closer, the Adventure Group did just that, she said.
“I really enjoyed being able to work as a team and accomplishing the course,” said the 18-year-old.
“They cheered me on and supported me through the entire day which helped a tremendous amount. Without them I wouldn’t have the guts to do the higher course and make it to the end.”
Bringing that confidence and teamwork to the ice will be key in winning future games, Mol said.