Dressing up is for everyone, treats are for children

By Laura Hines
Oct. 24, 2014

Kevin Wood loves to dress up for Halloween.
Each year Wood looks forward to dressing up with his son for Halloween and taking him door to door to collect treats, he said.
“My son loves dressing up. It’s not just for the treats.”
Halloween should be fun, and everyone should take part and dress up in costume, he said.
“It’s just when you get a mask on that it gets crazy.”
Wood had dressed up every year for Halloween, but he stopped going door to door to collect treats when he was about 15, he said.
His son is 10, so Wood is happy he will still have a few more years left of taking his son trick or treating.
“I assume he’ll still dress up with he’s older, he’ll just be the one giving out the treats for me.”
Wood is not sure what he’s going to dress up as this year.
“Last year I was a devil, I like to be something fun. The children were going out of their way to walk around me last year. I looked kind of creepy I guess.”
Mary English, who doesn’t have young children at home, enjoys having trick or treaters come to her house.
“I love looking at their costumes and seeing the big smiles.”
English and her husband look forward to Halloween and don’t believe there is an exact age for when children should stop trick or treating, she said.
“If they have children of their own, they are too old.”
Although they are too old to collect treats, there isn’t an age limit to dressing up in costumes.
Paul Gallant has given up trick or treating and hasn’t gone collecting treats since he was in middle school.
He felt he was too old once he hit a certain age, and feared being made fun of.
A few years ago, Gallant dressed up as a pirate, hr and his girlfriend took her younger siblings out trick or treating, but he didn’t collect candy, he said.
“You just shouldn’t be going out with little kids and taking candy.”
People buy the candy for children, he said.
“It’s not right to keep trick or treating when you’re older. It’s just like taking candy from children.”