Documentary focuses on youth employment

By Jazlyn MacLeod
Oct. 23, 2014

It was on the plane ride home after vacationing abroad that Denis Luchyshyn realized he had to do something outside of work, something more for himself and others.
After graduating from a business program in 2013 from the University of Victoria Luchyshyn, and finding his transition easy, he noticed friends and other graduates had a hard time finding work in their field.
Luchyshyn was selling online ads for a marketing agency.
“You know how you get banner ads, pop up ads online? That was me.”
A friend from school, Clinton Nellist, started selling cellphones in a local mall after graduation, Luchyshyn said.
“Both of us weren’t particularly happy with our jobs.”
Together Luchyshyn and Nellist began gathering research on youth employment, under-employment and unemployment, traveling across country in the last four months getting information they needed to start a documentary.
“We wanted to begin exploring the topic of youth unemployment issues. Find organizations and key individuals who are taking that step in their community to improve the situation.”
The manager of Employment Journey Gloria Welton was able to meet with Luchyshyn and Nellist when they stopped in P.E.I.
Employment Journey raises awareness of occupations in demand, trying to show people jobs are available no P.E.I., Welton said.
“There’s opportunities now and opportunities in the future. Employeers are telling us that.”
After doing background research on what Luchyshyn and Nellist were doing, Welton wanted to meet with them.
“They’re more centred on youth and that’s an area that’s hard to get good information on, how youth are doing with employment.”
Youth are a hard group to connect with, Welton said.
“That is an area we strongly look at as well, it’s a hard one. They were really of help to us.”
A lot of people bury their heads in the sand trying not to think about youth employment issues, Luchyshyn said.
“This includes parents, employers and especially young people.”
While on campus at Dalhousie University in Halifax to ask students about their job process after they graduate, Luchyshyn found the students didn’t have much to say.
“They said they were very concerned, but they didn’t want to think about it.”
Luchyshyn wants people to stop avoiding the issue and take the steps needed to help solve it.
“That’s not going to solve the issue and that’s not going to help people prepare to set themselves up for success in the future.”
Luchyshyn and Nellist started in Victoria, B.C. hoping to finish in Newfoundland. They will work all winter putting the documentary together, trying to have it complete by next spring.