Animal licence plates bringing in money

By Kayla Fraser
Oct. 22, 2014

Duncan Crawford has been waiting 15 years for the wildlife conservation licence plates.
As president of the P.E.I. Wildlife Federation, he is happy with the $120,000 raised for wildlife projects on the Island.
And as a member of the Wildlife Conservation Fund Committee, he said now that the money has been raised, environmental groups can apply for funding.
“Any group can apply, but they have to be a not-for-profit. There are a number of details surrounding the projects. But we look for an emphasis of conservation, education, and outdoor related activities.”
Groups that may apply would include watershed groups and Ducks Unlimited, he said.
Jackie Waddell of Island Nature Trust said after groups apply for funding, they are run through an application process,
“It’s run twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, but the actual application date is in early February. So those projects are awarded funds by the Wildlife Conservation Fund, that’s all it does, it’s a funding agency.”
Much of the money will go to habitat enhancement projects, she said.
“Probably 75 per cent of the money will go to habitat enhancement for wildlife on P.E.I. … They may be research projects, they could be education projects, so there are quite a few categories that these groups will apply for.
Last spring, the fund awarded over $175,000 from funding from fishers, trappers and hunters licenses. Now, the conservation plates are tied in as well, she said.
Crawford said the project was suggested 15 years ago, but it wasn’t set up.
About two years ago, he approached the government and Transportation Minister Rob Vessey with the idea, and the feedback was good.
“A year ago, we got the project off the ground and it’s been a roaring success.”