“The staff leaders act almost like big brothers and sisters to the kids”

By James Ferguson
Oct. 7, 2014

Like many parents, Jason MacRae wants a summer program that can take care of and give the best experience to his child.
Charlottetown’s Parks and Recreation ran the program he picked and after a great summer, MacRae said the camp has always been supportive of the families signing up.
“The staff leaders act almost like big brothers and sisters to the kids.
“They’re perfect role-model for the kids, from being supportive if one of the children are hurt, or if the child is having trouble with a craft, the staff will go and do the craft step by step with the kid, making sure he or she is happy.”
Over the years, there have been increases in kids being signed up.
Here’s an example of how a week works for one of the camps. From 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., there are outside activities and games on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, There are field trips on Wednesday and Friday, plus there’s a candy toss on Friday.
Christopher Drummond, assistant program coordinator of Park and Recreation, said most kids who have been signed up for one summer are likely to want to come back the next summer.
“The staff members who take care of the kids make the biggest impact for the parents, either if it’s keeping the kids happy or just talking to the parents walking in to the building and give a giant welcome to them.”