Rascally rabbit still on the lam somewhere on P.E.I.

By Melissa Heald
Oct. 9, 2014

If you live in the New London area of P.E.I beware, there’s a rabbit on the loose.
No it’s not Rodger Rabbit or Bugs Bunny. It’s a six year-old lop cross named Elizabeth.
She escaped from her enclosure on owner’s Jane Sorensen boyfriend’s family farm while they were vacationing there at the beginning of July. They had arrived from their home in Montreal the evening before for a week-long stay when Sorensen put Elizabeth outside in the enclosure the following day.
Some how, some way, the rascally rabbit escaped.
“She’s always been a bit of an escape artist,” said Sorensen in a phone interview while on the road heading back home to Montreal after a recent trip to find Elizabeth.
Involved in animal rescue work, Sorensen received Elizabeth in 2010 after a couple brought the rabbit to her when they spotted her in the window of reptile shop in Montreal. The person who had dropped Elizabeth off had instructed the shop to feed her to a snake.
In July, after escaping her enclosure, Elizabeth hid herself under a nearby hedge. Sorensen’s Scottish Terrier DoDu chased Elizabeth from under the hedge and the rabbit fled for parts unknown.
Sorensen and her boyfriend were unable to locate Elizabeth and had to head back home to Montreal without her.
“I was pretty worried about her,” said Sorensen, worried a fox or coyote might get her eventually.
But when Sorensen’s boyfriend returned to the farm over the Labour Day weekend, there was Elizabeth hiding under the same hedge. Unfortunately, DoDu the dog also made the trip down from Montreal and once again Elisabeth fled.
Sorensen knew after hearing Elizabeth was still alive that she could survive anything.
“But maybe not the winter,” said Sorensen. That’s why her boyfriend and her returned to the Island on Oct. 1 hoping to find her.
This time, with no dog, they hoped to catch Elisabeth using a trap from the SPCA. But all efforts failed. Elizabeth is still on the lam.
Sorensen is hopeful, though, because she knows Elizabeth is a survivor. She describes Elisabeth as independent, wily and gruff.
“That’s probably why she has done so well on her own, at least until a month ago.”
There is no plan to return to the Island before the winter, but Sorensen is asking people to keep an eye out for Elizabeth.
“She such a wily beast. I won’t be surprised if I do see her again.”
Elizabeth’s fur is marble with different shades of brown and looks like a tortoise shell. If spotted, call Jane Sorensen at 514-815-5163.