Early favourites for Stanley Cup predictions? Well, the favourites.

By James Ferguson
Oct. 7, 2014

Taylor Bransfield has no regrets about picking an obviously great team as his favourite for the Stanley Cup this year as the new season kicks off.
The chance of LA getting another Stanley Cup looks great, he said.
“They are a team that’s made for the playoffs. With their speed and power, it doesn’t matter where they place as long it’s in the top eight. With how they made quick use of their last wins, it shouldn’t be a surprise they would win again.”
Last year, the Kings made their presence known by winning for a second Stanley Cup in a three-year period, so many fans have no trouble believing the Kings could pull off a third win.
Many fans favour the top teams, such as the LA Kings, Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks, according to the NHL official website.
If a dominant performance can land a Stanley cup win, then Chicago picking up Islander Brad Richards might be a winning factor, said ESPN Chicago of Richards.
Toronto might get the chance they need, with getting William Nylander, who has been around the hockey world.
He began in Canada, played in the U.S. and Sweden in the elite hockey leagues, according to Nylander’s stat page on the Hockey’s Future website.
Some fans of the Maple Leafs have heard of Nylander’s work before and believe this will give the team an edge in the season.
Lucas Smith of Charlottetown said Toronto has been having a slow couple of years.
“Maybe it’s true Toronto was better at golf than hockey, but from what William (Nylander) can bring to the table, with his size but overall agility and power can land the Leafs at the hot seat.”
The new hockey season started Oct. 8, with the Montreal Canadiens playing the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto. The Canadiens won four to three against the Leafs.